Cool Bars & Restaurants

The spots and restaurants listed below are just good fun, cool or tasty. There’s not a lot of explaining to do. You find a link to the website or the Facebook page. Just see for yourself and explore! “Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas”! 😉


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Twins Club Bredene

Twins Club, the surf Club par excellence of the Belgian coast with a top terrace. Very popular. Website: Twins Club

‘De Blauwe Brug’ at Strandpost 3 is one of our favorites at the moment. Wonderful sea view and super friendly service. Hippo Beach is also pretty cool. We think it is the cosiest bar of all four. Just see for yourself which one you like most!

In Ostend you can find a lot of beach bars: Blue Buddha, Bondi Beach, Lido Beach Bar, Q-Beach House and Polé Polé. Polé Polé Beach we find more fun than the year before and Blue Buddha is without a doubt still the place to be. Q-Beach House is cool in terms of design, but the radio hosts talk a lot … Lido Beach Bar is a fixed value as a beach bar. Always nice, and they open a bit earlier than the other bars. Have a look here: Facebook pagina Blue Buddha OostendeStrandbar Lido

The best bars in the notorious ‘De Langestraat’ in Ostend are Lafayette and Copador. The DJ’s in Copador play contemporary music with a twist. If you’re lucky enough, you can run into Arno or Tom Barman. Lafayette stands for Soul Ostendaise. There is a nice retro atmosphere and in the 1980’s it was the favorite spot of Marvin Gaye. Very nice, mixed crowd. Sites: Lafayette & Copador . If you ‘re into Blues and Rock music, just try Manuscript , a great bar where lots of cool bands play live. Looking for a typical Local Bar? Café ‘t Botteltje has the biggest variety in beer & Jenever of the Belgian Coast. If you’re into wine, this address is a must: Vines, Oostende. You can drink pretty exceptional wines by the glass and there’s also high quality tapas served. Not cheap, but you get value for money.

Did you know you can do a Digital Marvin Gaye Walk ?

Restaurants in Bredene & Oostende

We have visited a number of restaurants, but actually we prefer to eat at home. There are a lot of great spots in Ostend … impossible to make a top 10 out of them.

Here’s a couple of restaurants we loved:

Lautrec, BredeneAngolo, BredeneFrituur ‘t Hoeksje Frituur Eethuis Sfeercafé Alaska, Bredene Koekoek, Oostende 🙂 Bistro Mathilda, OostendeSt-Malo, OostendeKruidenmolen, KlemskerkeLusitania, OostendeGastrobar Frenchette, OostendeMommy’s Bastards, OostendeMoretti Ristorante & Pizzeria, Oostende – O’Siam Thai Restaurant, OostendeBajatzu Italian Restaurant, Oostende  –  Eclips Fondue & Gourmet, Oostende –  Thaïs eethuis Bua & Gwen, Oostende  – Le Homard et la Moule, Bredene

Three restaurants we visited were pretty poor quality. If you are staying at our holiday apartment, we will advise you in this matter 😉

This list will undoubtedly be updated and expanded!

These restaurants are on our To Do-List : Resto Marina, Oostende – Ocean, OostendeMangetout, OostendeWijnbistro Divino, OostendeLobster, OostendeBistro Belle de Jour, Oostende STORM, Oostende


Lautrec, Bredene

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