Where can you do your shopping?

Shopping in Bredene is really easy and most of what you need you can find in the 3 supermarkets on the central square, ‘Duinenplein’. There’s a Lidl, Albert Heijn and Delhaize almost next to each other. Only a 10 minute walk from Duinster Bredene and even less from Duinster for 2.  Here you can find the links and the opening hours:

  • Albert Heijn is one of our favorite supermarkets. A bit more upscale and lots of choice in every way. Very nice for wok vegetables and special Asian products. Nice fresh pasta and luxury salads. The bread is also pretty good. Overall a very nice shopping experience. Opening hours Albert Heijn

blonde betsy

  • Delhaize is the only supermarket open on Sundays. That’s about the only time we visit it. This supermarket is  quite expensive and the quality is not better than other supermarkets. After  a thorough renovation in February 2020, the shopping experience is way better. I must say they have a very nice selection of Belgian local beers at the back of the store. Really interesting for beer lovers. Please try the local ‘Blonde Betsy’ and ‘Betsy Brunette’! They are very popular and tasty beers, brewed in Bredene. Here they are: Betsy Brewery . Facebookpage: Delhaize Facebook
  • Lidl is the third supermarket on the square. Absolutely the best prices with lots of top promotions and a very good variety of meats, vegetables and salads. Great value for money. We use it for our basic shopping and even more. Of course we buy some specialties in Albert Heijn and other local shops. Links: Lidl Belgium  or Lidl Bredene Facebook
  • You can find two more supermarkets in the village, but then you have to take the car: Aldi, Vloedstraat 6, Bredene and Colruyt, Vloedstraat 22, Bredene . Only a five minute drive from Duinster Bredene and Duinster for 2. Aldi does not need any introduction. Colruyt is a well known Belgian supermarket: they are the cheapest when it comes to brands. In the end you only pay these brands for their advertising and marketing. That said, we really like their grocery department. Of course Aldi and Lidl are still a better option if you keep an eye on your budget.

Supermarkets are great for a one-stop shopping experience, but we also like to shop local and we often see a huge difference in quality or price. Below you find a list of shops or businesses that make a difference. Please check them out if you stay a bit longer and when you want to cook yourself! You can thank me later 😉

  • Vlaamse_grijze_garnaalNumber 1 for fish loversOostendse Vishandel . Here people stand in line to get their fair share of fresh fish. The prices are 30 to 40% cheaper than in more fancy fish shops you find in cities. They have a huge variety, but of course you can try our North Sea fish. They also have great salads and a couple of specialties like ‘Haaiebuik’, ‘Haring in Rode Wijn & Dille’, ‘Gekookte Gatjes’, etc.  Don’t miss out on the North Sea Shrimps! Check this out if you want some help making a choice:  Calendar North Sea Fish: what is the right time to eat the different kinds of fish?  Address: Vismijnlaan 129-130, 8400 Oostende.
  • A good butcher you find at ‘Duinenplein’, address: Den Ambacht, Kapelstraat 27, Bredene. You find the butcher next to the supermarkets. Meat lovers will be pleased. Prices are reasonable.
  • A good fresh bakery is Fijnbakkerij Mistan . Nice quality bread & baguettes and of course lots of top quality pies, cake, pastry & chocolates. When you are looking for something sweet with your tea or coffee … this is the place to be.  Address: Duinenstraat 310, Bredene. Mistan Fijnbakkerij
  • Lovers of goat cheese cannot miss this wonderful biological goat farm: ‘t Reigershof, Klemskerke . You can combine it with a visit to ‘De Haan’.  They have top cheeses, young and older. The also sell nice ice cream made of goat milk. The young goat cheese with basil & tomato, parseley & garlic are the best I ever tasted. Please try the ‘Mabelle’ and the older goat cheese ‘Oudlander‘. Top! Check opening hours before you go.  Address: Polderstraat 4, 8420 Klemskerke, De Haan. Reigershof.jpg
  • When you’re looking for top quality Italian food, some decent Italian wines or local Italian products, Traiteur Piemonte is a very good address in Oostende. The have lots of takeaway Italian Classics. Lasagna’s, tagliatelle’s, tortelloni’s: you name it, they got it. In addition to wines, you will also  find artisanal liqueurs, fine meats, cheeses, pizzas, antipasto and of course fantastic Italian olive oilAddress: Sint-Sebastiaansstraat 10, 8400 Oostende.Piemonte
  • Meatlovers who visit Nieuwpoort cannot miss this butcher: Dierendonck  . Hendrik Dierendonck is probably the most famous butcher in Belgium. There is also an online shop: Meat Shop Online . Matured meats, Holstein Tomahawk, Simmental, Hereford … you find all top quality meats in one shop!  They also have ‘meat boxes’ with a different variety of meats. and of course take-away dishes.  Address: Albert I laan 106, 8620 Nieuwpoort 


  • Last but not least: Deschildre Streekproducten. It is close to the fish shop, so you can pop in there when you get your fresh fish. You have to try the ‘bloeling’ or black pudding. It is made according to a recipe from 1800. They are absolutely the best money can buy. They also have a white version, ‘Boudin de mer’ and I must say I haven’t eaten any better than this.  Together with Seaweedchef Donald Deschagt they really stand out with this product. Friendly people who will be happy to explain all their specialties to you. Definitely worth a visit! Address: Maritiem Plein 2, 8400 Oostende.  

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