Photo Gallery ‘Duinster for 4’ & ‘Duinster for 2’

‘Duinster for 4 ‘ is ideal for families with 1 or 2 children or for 2 couples that want to stay comfortable and close to the sea, the dunes and the beach. The apartment has a modern feel and perfectly fits the needs of people who appreciate space and light.  For more details please click the submenu. 

‘Duinster for 2 ‘ is perfect for couples or singles who would like to stay in a stylish and cosy design environment. Think of Barcelona & Verner Panton Chairs, a design shower, a minimalist hyper equipped kitchen, ‘Black & White’. The studio will be completely renovated in the course of April 2019. We will pay even more attention to detail and design. 

‘ Duinster for 2 ‘ will be available for holiday rental from 22nd of May 2019. 

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